Watch the Exciting 1st Season of the NEWEST EC Brand series as the Total Warriors defend Etol, against the Harznian Imperial Alliance

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Series Premiere: 
Episode 1: 
"Mission to the Mountains"

The Total Warriors, a group of elite heroes, look to defend the land of Etol. Alpha Squad, led by Bulls Eye, is sworn to protect and lead their people back to a peace lost long ago.

Episode 2: 
"The Legacy of the Mercenaries"

As the Alpha Squad is confronted by the Harznian Alliance, the relics of a long-thought defeated evil still hold great power.

Episode 3: 
"The Honor of the Warrior"

Alpha Squad looks to stop the invading Harznians, led by Emodx, as they arrive to attack the small village of Indos---all the while Commandant Edxon is preparing for a future of chaos.

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