Check out these Classic Issues from the original
"Total Warriors" Series!

The series began in 1999 as a spin-off of "Windfire the Flamium" and went into a completely new story, involving several new characters, and bringing more story into the Old EC Universe.

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Led by Bulls Eye, and his Second Officer. Razor(blade), the Total Warriors investigated mysterious places, took on all assignments.

As the series added more characters, including Beta Squad members Crosswire and Deadbolt.

Taking a more dark
direction, "Total Warriors" went across the stars and soon got caught up in the War on the distant world of Harzn.

The Original series ended abruptly with the conclusion of the Harznian War, but left the Total Warriors without a true Finale.

The Final 3 Issues

The series once again began in 2011, giving a proper finale for the Alpha Squad, as well as returning Beta Squad members, along with Gamma Squad--as they once again began to defend Etol.

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"Total Warriors of Sea"

This Cover-Art was to be the original Cover for the Premiere Issue of the Original series.

The two characters centered are an un-named villain, and the series' potential Hero: "Mako" an aquatic Hybrid.

Even though this issue was never finished, it did spark the future series, as well as the animated series...

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